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Main attractions within walking distance:

Mall of Montenegro: 50 m
Ljubović Hill: 600 m (7 minutes)
The Clock Tower: 700 m (8 minutes)
Old Town (Stara varoš): 700 m (8 minutes)
Kruševac Park: 1.4 (15 minutes)
Montenegrin National Theatre: 1.6 km (20 minutes)

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Local Attractions

Archaeological Sites


While on holiday in Montenegro, be sure not to miss the antique Dolcea located on the spacious terrace between rivers Morača, Zeta and Širalij. It dates back to I century BC.

The edifices that dominate the area were of mainly public character: arches of triumph, three temples dedicated to goddesses of Rome and Diana, Roman bath – termae, and a monumental palace. Termae had gyms, dressing rooms, hot and cold water halls, a library and restrooms. Opposite termae, on the north side of the city, the main city square – forum with a basilica.


The village of Medun is situated 12 kilometers northeast of Podgorica, in the region of Kuči.

It is famous for the complex of monuments belonging to the Illyrian town of Meteon, the church of St Nicola and the home of Marko Miljanov.

Meteon was one of the centers of the Labeati tribe which ruled Skadarsko lake area. The church of St Nicola is located above the birth house of Duke Marko Miljanov Popović, a poet and a statesman, one of the most significant personages of 19th century in Montenegro.

religious monuments

The Shrine of the Resurrection of the Christ

The shrine is dedicated to the Resurrection of the Christ and it represents the largest Orthodox Christian shrine in Montenegro. It is located in part of Podgorica called Momišići.

The construction of the Shrine begun in 1993 and it is still in progress. The founding stone was laid by the Russian patriarch Aleksey. The impressive architectural structure is dominated by golden crosses, which were a present and a donation from Russia.

Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church is dedicated to the Holy Heart of Jesus and gathers around 2000 believers. Centre for education Don Bosco operates within the Church. It was built in 1969.

The Old Mosque of Skender Čauš

This mosque was built by Skender Čauš in the late XV century. With the fortress mosque above the estuary of Ribnica and Morača named Mehmed Han’s Mosques, this was the only mosque in the Old City until 1582. It has been rebuilt many times. Major expansions took place in 1985. Mosque courtyard contains headquarters of the Islamic Community Board for Podgorica and Mešihat (highest religious and administrative organ) of Islamic Community in Montenegro.

picnic places


Gorica Hill is located in the very heart of the city and represents the most popular excursion spot and a heaven for sportsmen. The hill features many bicycle, jogging and walking tracks. In the forest at the very top of the hill, while enjoying the amazing panorama, you can also discover various sporting fields.


Cijevna is one of the purest rivers in the area, with beautiful canyons and waterfalls and picturesque nature with 954 plant species. It runs (20 km) through the biggest vineyard in Crna Gori (Plantaže), and flows into the River Morača.

Scadar Lake

Lake Scadar National Park is one of the most important tourist resources in Montenegro and Podgorica area. This jewel of nature, rich in cultural and historical monuments, rich flora and fauna, with the phenomena of cryptodepression and the only place where the curly Dalmatian Pelican is found indicates that this place is a very unique one in the region.


Plavnica is a very popular and unique place for recreation and relaxation. At Plavnica you can cruise the lake and enjoy its natural beauty and cultural and historical monuments that date from the period of the reign of the Balsic and Crnojevic families.


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